Ice Fishing in Ontario – Fun for Everyone

Who wants to stay inside during the long winter months? Waiting for the sun to come out and dreaming about hot summer on the open waters of Ontario lakes and rivers is no fun at all if you are stuck at home. Be adventurous, bundle up, get your gear outside and try fishing the winter way! 

All there is to Know about Ice Fishing

One BIG plus about ice fishing… there is no black flies and there is not a chance you will be bothered by the famous Ontario Provincial Bird… the  Mosquito. 

Ice fishing action can be fast and furious when winter covers the lakes with ice, and only the great winter adventurers will try their skills at Ice Fishing.

Just imagine, bundled up and walking slowly, you venture out onto a frozen lake on a clear and crisp winter day.   Your sled is full of fishing gear and the fishing license sit safely in your pocket. You look for perfect spot and say hello to your fellow ice fishermen.

Once you find the right fishing spot, you drill a large hole completely through the ice until you can see open water. Now THAT’S exciting!  Then, you get out your ice chisel to widen your hole.  Now, you unpack your sled and find your special lures, jigging rods or tip-ups to catch the fish. Now is the time to get your portable seat to sit out.  You sit down and look down the hole to see what’s happening.

Enjoying the moment you look around and see sun dancing on the ice covered lake.  Every so often, you grab the skimmer and remove the floating slush and ice to keep the hole clear thought the day.  Once your line is set, you just keep an eye on it or watch it for the flag on the tip-up to see if you’ve caught a fish.  The lake moves beneath you and cracking ice reminds you of where you are.

There is the thrill of danger and excitement of the catch.  You daydream and forget yourself in the quiet thoughts of the warm morning sun.  Or it can be just really, really cold and you just love ice fishing sooooo much, you don’t care about your frozen toes and fingers…  You always have a Thermos break to look forward to.  There, the hot chocolate or freshly brewed coffee awaits.  You end up eating fish for lunch out on the ice, cooked on the small stove you brought along. What a great day of ice fishing!

Fascinating is the fact that winter fishing makes up a big portion of annual catch in Ontario. People enjoy it for the solitude of being out on a frozen lake and the challenge of the sport. Others like the friendship and good times found in an ice shanty town atmosphere with friends and family. Why not try ice fishing and open your senses to an exciting winter event?

You must carry your license with you when you’re fishing, summer or winter. Be sure to get a copy of the current Ontario Fishing Regulations to find out about restrictions, special regulations, new changes and general province wide regulations. It is your best guide to staying within the law and having the most fun out on the frozen lakes and rivers of Ontario!