The Best Places for Downhill Skiing

Canada is one of the most iconic countries for skiing. It is full of beautiful ski resorts, the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains, and beautiful ski villages throughout. Ontario is a wonderful location to find skiing in the mountains as well though, even though it is on the eastern side of the country.

Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort is the largest in all of Ontario. The village has a European style, and there are no cars allowed. You will also receive stunning views while off-piste skiing throughout.

Horseshoe Resort

Horseshoe Resort is very close to Toronto if you are planning to visit the city as well. There are 29 slopes to go down, and a course specifically for cross-country skiing for you to practice on with your loved ones.

Searchmont Resort

Searchmont Resort has some of the best views for your skiing pleasures in all of eastern Canada. There are only 18 slopes, but each slope is truly unique and offers a different experience to all.

Calabogie Peaks Resort

If you are up for a challenge, come to this resort as it has the highest descent in the entirety of Ontario. You will find terrain parks to practice on and close to 30 slopes to go down.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone Resort

This ski resort is still a family-run business, and it is the largest in Ontario. There is always snow on these slopes through the snow makers, and there are 36 slopes with some of the best offerings available.

All of Canada is beautiful for skiing, not just the peaks of the Rockies. Experience some of the best slopes the country has to offer right in Ontario. You will not regret it as soon as your skis and boots hit the snow.