Dog Sledding in Musher’s Paradise

It must be nice to sit in a warm cocoon, in a sled and enjoy the sounds of dog-team rushing you through the spectacular landscape of our province’s Backcountry. The speed, the sparkling snow, and quiet forest takes over and you just surrender to the calm feeling of peace.  Or you may choose the fast paced outing with an experience masher and find out about the rush that everyone else is talking about.

The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless, Ontario trails and forests await you. Dog Sledding transportation was used by Native Peoples thousands of years prior to the 1908, when Dog sledding became an official sport in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Most popular dog breed used for this way of travel is, to this day, the beautiful Husky.

Those medium sized dogs, with amazing blue eyes, have warm coats and love the outdoors. It can take many years to train them, but once they learn their job in a team, the owner’s rewards are tremendous. To learn more on the history of this wonderful winter activity, please visit the Snowy Owl Tours from Alberta.

Dog Sledding Expeditions in Algonquin Park

Today, Dog Sledding became one of the greatest Winter activities in our Province. With spectacular scenery of our own Backcountry, variety of tour locations close to large cities and the long winter season, there is always time to enjoy little Mushing.

Winter resorts as well as dog sledding operators, like Call of the Wild Adventures, in the Algonquin Park area, offer large variety of Dog Sledding Packages, trips and activities.

You can take your kids, stay overnight or just have some fun for couple of hours. Your children will love the opportunity to take a closer look at the team of dogs, they will be able to ask questions, and find out how the dogs are trained, and what is the job of each dog in the team.

This is a great opportunity to provide them with great social studies or history lesson. They will be learning, while having fun.  You will be amazed at the excitement of each moment with your family.

You will be amazed at the excitement of each moment with your family. A dog sledding trip will give you a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family, you will be able to relax and unwind if you want, or go wild and ask for a ride of your life, the professional mushers will be happy to fulfill your request.

Thrill of adventure, simplicity of the activity and the unknown that awaits you, will make your family sledding trip truly memorable.

Mushing Tours

Ontario offers over 30 thousand miles of spectacular winter trails. Explore them all on dog sledding tours through Ontario’s back-country and snow covered forest. Take your friends, take your family, have fun and discover your new favorite winter pastime.