Snowshoeing Adventures in Ontario

Snowshoeing. The idea of exploration in the way of long forgotten inhabitants of the winter landscape, the way of first Indian tribes and later the pioneers’ way, is quite exciting in its simplicity. With over 6000 years of history we can say that walking on snow is a tried and true way to venture into the snow covered, beauty of the winter season. To be able to go onto the secluded trail and experience the breathtaking views and the peace they offer, is like discovering new passion hidden deep within your soul.

My very first experience with snowshoeing is remembered with a smile, sometimes a laugh. I discovered, and was amazed by snowshoeing back in Poland, while on the two week trip with Scout group of first-year-medical students. snowshoeing

Being only 15, and the youngest one in the group, I looked up to all of those older Scouts that agreed to take us kids with them to explore and enjoy the winter in the Polish Carpathian Region. While on a day outing, we took a break, and happy to be free of our huge backpacks, enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate by the fire. When the break was over, we were getting ready to get the backpacks up and on each other backs. (we are talking HUGE equipment here). Well, instead of putting my snowshoes on first, I stepped off the solid trail to reach for my load and… ended up stack in the snow up to my hip.

It took awhile for our older companions to pick themselves up, after rolling in the snow and laughing hysterically, finally they pulled themselves together and pulled me out of the snow, helped me with the snowshoes and loaded the heavy backpack on my back, so we could be on our way…

Needless to say, there was some more hysterical laughter, after we got back to the base, when everyone else heard about my little adventure on the trail… snowshoeing

Soon after that we came to frozen Canada and I stayed inside for more then a decade. How sorry I am now, that I did.

Only recently I discovered how beautiful Canadian winters truly are. Sure, I indulge myself with a week of hot sun, down south, somewhere in the middle of February, by most of my winter is spend on the slopes and trails of glories Ontario. snowshoeing

In a way, the residents of Ontario are quite lucky, having the luxury of a long winter, we can choose to use the cold season for our benefit. Some of us still spend that time indoors, hibernating, and being afraid of the cold, but they too, eventually discover that they could be playing outside in the snow.

Yes, we go out and fight the freezing temperatures that are so normal here. We try new things and find the right activities just for us. Snowshoeing is one of those things that even the ones who stayed by the fireplace all those winter nights, will love if they only try it once. It truly is available to anyone who can put one foot in front of the other.

The way that snowshoes support us allows for stepping onto the snow and not fighting our way through it. The feeling of each step sinking just a little in the soft blanket of powdery flakes, is like nothing else you ever experienced.

The freedom to get off the track and go between the trees to find the animal feeder hidden in the forest, to discover spots not yet disturbed by others and to be the very first one in that most perfect little sparkly area. Yes, you can do that with snowshoes.

The beauty of it will astound you. If you allow yourself to become one with nature, to listen to the sounds of the forest. . How often do you have the freedom to do just that? In our rushed society, we owe it to ourselves to have some time in the slower pace of the Sunday afternoon.

The time to breathe deep, enjoy the low winter sun and the crisp winter air. The rejuvenating benefits of a slow outing like that will be much greater than anticipated.

One of the best places that we found in Ontario was the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures atop the Blue Mountains on the shores of Georgian Bay.

The great cardiovascular workout, so needed by most of us will only make it easier to go back and do it again. The huge amount of air forced into your lungs, will overwhelm you at first, it may even trigger a little headache for a moment, but with time it will be like you were reborn and your mind will become clear. You will discover and love the new filling of deep, slow, measured breaths. You will remember, that this is the only way we were intended to use our lungs, because our poor bodies need the life giving oxygen in quantities much greater than the ones we are used to.

So forget your fears of cold, dress warmly, allow your lungs to fill with air and have fun discovering our Ontario back country.

You love the setting, the house is just like the one in your dream and so you finally stop the car in front of the main door, gently wake up your spouse, who exhausted, dozed off halfway through the trip to this winter paradise. You turn off the engine, open the door and quietly walk inside the house…

You too can have moments like this all it takes is a bit of planning and knowing where to look. In the Blue Mountain region, and more specifically in Collingwood area, one of those perfect places for such blissful moments is the Pretty River Inn.

With the charm of the county style accommodations and favorable comments and reviews, from previous visitors… you can rest assured that your stay there will be just what you needed.

Perhaps you are looking for a different style of grandeur and glamour, be sure to visit the Wild Apple Hill Bed and Breakfast, here the views of the surrounding vistas will take your breath away. You can read the reviews here. Still not enough? How about the Beild House Inn? This is yet another charmer of an era gone by… here you will find peace and quiet, to get away from it all.

The Bed and Breakfast industry has been growing steadily in Ontario, for many years. There are places that will cater to your every need and make you fill at home right in your own city. If you just need to get away for one night, to relax.

But more importantly, Bed and Breakfasts of Ontario’s Backcountry will save your sanity if you need some peace and quiet further away from daily hassles and usual, hectic obligations.