Our Favorite Things to Do in Ontario—Regardless of Season

Ontario is our favorite province. Sure, it’s centrally-located and (of course) we live here, but there’s no situational bias in that statement. The region of Canada is full of some of the coolest, most unique places to visit in every season. From public rare books collections and interesting coffee joints to 19th century castles and sewer tours, our province has something for everyone to enjoy, discover, and cherish. Below is an ongoing list of our favorite spots, locations, and activities. The best part? Most of these can be enjoyed year-round. Have a favorite spot? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.


Casa Loma; Toronto

With nearly 100-rooms, this 19th century castle sits right in the middle of Toronto.


Bruce Peninsula Grotto; Tobermory

You’ll think you’ve stumbled into a tropical cave; the waters are naturally turquoise.


City of Waterfalls; Hamilton

The tiny town of Hamilton Ontario is home to over 130 falls and cascades, securing its position as the waterfall capital of the world.


Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library; Toronto

Open to the public, this is one of Canada’s oldest and most treasured collection of rare books.


Screaming Tunnel; Niagara-on-the-Lake

This is thought to be one of Ontario’s most haunted passageways; don’t go in alone!


Bata Shoe Museum; Toronto

This collection houses more than 12,000 shoes—one of the largest in the world.


Winter Garden Theater; Toronto

This is the world’s last operating double-decker theater. The botanically-themed space is adorned with thousands of flowers hanging overhead.


Midlothian Castle; Burke’s Falls

This massive and terrifying castle was built by a local schoolteacher.


Ottawa Jail Hostel; Ottawa

If you’re looking for unique lodging in Ottawa, check out this hostel. The former prison was notorius for inhumane practices.


World’s Oldest Pool of Water; Timmins

There’s not much to say here other than: it’s 2 billion years old!


Comfort Maple; Pelham

This is Canada’s oldest sugar maple tree. Experts estimate it has been growing since around 1,500CE.


Temagami Fire Tower; Temagami

A short climb up this tower will reward visitors with stunning views of the province’s old-growth pine forests.


Manitou Lake; Manitowaning

It’s a lake within a lake—what more could you ask for?