Spa Retreat Pleasures

Perhaps it’s time for a spa retreat?  To accept the fact that your well being should be way up high on the list of your priorities, you must adapt your way of thinking.

At first it may be quite difficult, after all we are pre-programmed to take care of our loved ones first. The mom will forget about herself, to tend to the running noses, or the last minute school project, or the old time favorite: playing chauffeur to all the kids in the family.

Dad is no different, he spends most of his time at the office or worst yet, at the construction site and he always comes back exhausted. Then there are the dads that work away from home, and come back to see the family on the weekends…

Those poor souls have no time for themselves. The stress builds up and takes over. The mothers drive the minivans like zombies, sometime so lost in their thought, that they forget where they were going.

The fathers are so tired that they don’t hear the conversations at the table. The single life is no better, the responsibilities are just a bit different. spa retreat

When we try to balance family life and work responsibilities we get stressed out, that can affect our health…

Not only stress will make us cranky, it will make our blood pressure higher, the blood sugar and cholesterol will be next, entire immune system can be affected. That’s why stress relief is so important for your health.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier –

Every day life throws stuff at you and there is nothing that you can do about it. Or is there? How about a weekend just for yourself. Write it down in your calendar, do it now! Once it’s in there it’s solid, the same as any other important appointment.

Now let’s imagine the serene scenery outside, and the quiet, peaceful surroundings in the spacious, calmly decorated room.

Candles flicker quietly in the shadows and there is a faint, sweet scent in the air. You are completely relaxed, and are dressed in a soft, white turkish bathrobe that reaches your feet. Slow, relaxing music with romantic undertones  in the background, helps you unwind. The lights are dimmed and you are almost drifting off to sleep. The warm stones are placed on your back and skilled soft hands massage away the knots in your shoulders.

You forget about the things that you need to do tomorrow, the places you need to go to. The pure bliss of the moment, and its all yours.

Selection of spa getaways available to you today will overwhelm you at first. It is best to decide what you want in a spa retreat.

If you like to stay active while you relax, you may want to choose a getaway with a exercise routine, one that offers access to the swimming pool, sauna and a workout room.

If exercise is the last thing on your mind, you can choose the relaxing massage with aroma-therapy or hydro-massage in the comfy jet tub. The spa weekend should include the “sleep” as long as you want option, the breakfast in bed and romantic dinner for two with quality wine and candles.

Steal some precious moments for yourself. Spend time just with you, catch up with a book, allow yourself to be pampered and treated well. Your body will thank you for it.