Favorite Ontario Winter Activities

You are so tired of the city and the winter traffic, by now that you decide that the time has come to leave it all behind and have some fun. Selection of winter activities available to an outdoors enthusiasts today is simply phenomenal. If you are active during summer, there is no reason to stay cooped up at home when winter comes. Canadian winters are quite long, you know…

Winter wonders await you, so get out there and try them all. Maybe you will try your luck on the wind-swept slope overlooking the sparkly, ice covered lake, in Blue Mountain, where the downhill skiing is at its best. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the snowtubing area where the thrills are bigger, the speed is overwhelming and fun is simply supreme!

If you always enjoyed winter outdoors, and have one favorite activity, why not try something different. If you skied all those years, why not give the snowboarding a try. You never know, maybe this year, you will discover your new favorite.

Perhaps you are afraid of heights and the ski lift petrifies you, or maybe you just prefer somewhat slower pace and enjoy the scenery while you ski, then discover the cross country skiing adventure on the secluded, forest trails of Hardwood Hills. Then there is snowshoeing, almost the same way that the pioneers did it, hundreds of years ago, but now you can use some really cool, top of the line snowshoeing equipment.

Here you become one with nature, the beauty of Ontario winter wonderland welcomes you, and you never want to leave. The quiet, secluded places, not disturbed by any one but the forest animals, if you play your cards right, you may even see them by the feeder. How about the fun world of snowmobiles, where your friends get together and ride the glories winter trails of Ontario back country  enjoying not only the fresh air, the scenery and the speed, but also the freedom to see as much as possible in a shorter period of time.

So what else is there? – you ask… the ice sports: hockey, speed skating and figure skating, enjoyed by both young and old. Then there is also the truly Canadian sport of curling, that can be quite exciting and fun. And let’s not forget the thrill of ice climbing For less active enthusiasts of winter activities there is mesmerizing and fun dog sledding, where you go back in time to the gold-rush era and travel through the gorgeous landscapes behind the team of trained dogs .

If you prefer to travel in style, or just want to share a romantic adventure on the winter road in the snow covered forest, try the horse sleigh trip. In the times gone by, people traveled this way, covered in the soft, warm furs, enjoying the journey through the perfect winter landscape. They traveled this way because they had no other choices. We can do it just for fun. And how much fun it is!

For the ones who love the thrill of fishing and the excitement of the catch, there is a incredible ice fishing adventures. The fun of walking on the frozen lake, the mystery of the cold world beneath your feet. The thrill of the catch, how many today and how big will they be? Fun winter activities await you, so leave the comfy sofa and ditch the remote, put your winter clothing on and head outdoors. This is where the adventure begins.

Downhill Skiing… Our skis have been ready since September. Downhill skiing truly is our winter passion. The ski rack is installed on our van in early November, just to be ready for the first snow…  If you too, live for the winter weekends and live them out on the slopes, this page is a gold mine of downhill skiing information for Ontario.

Cross Country Skiing… Those who love winter fun, but like slower paced skiing, will enjoy wonderful world of Ski Cross Country! When the snow covered trails call your name, and you just want to leave it all behind, even if only for an hour.  When you ski cross country, you will notice the scenery that hurries by when you go downhill. Here the beauty of snow-covered trees whispers to your soul.

Skating... Are you enjoying your winter vacation in Ontario? If you are a bit tired of downhill skiing and sleigh rides, why not go out there with your family and have fun at an ice rink?  All you need is a pair of skates, a warm hat and gloves, a helmet for the little Johnny and off you go! Skating can be enjoyed by young and old. Most families can skate together. Even Mom’s can do it.

Snowshoeing… The idea of exploration in the way of long forgotten inhabitants of the winter landscape, the way of first Indian tribes and later the pioneers way, is quite exciting in itÂ’s simplicity. With over 6000 years of history we can say that snowshoeing is tried and true way to venture onto the snow…

Nordic Walking… If you’re looking for a workout that burns more calories in less time, Nordic walking may just be the thing for you. Nordic walking is the exercise done on modified ski poles that can be done the whole year round, and not just when it’s snowing.

Sleigh Rides… Here we go again, winter is here and we all search for fun activities to keep everyone occupied and happy. Have you ever about tried and true, old fashion sleigh ride? Where would you look for a sleigh ride in Ontario?

Snowmobiles… can be so exciting. No matter if you ride the sled first time in your life, or you have done it for ages. The experiences is unforgettable. Year after year, you discover new trails, the beauty, and versatility of our Ontario backcountry.

Snowtubing… This kind of tubing is almost always performed on a hill or slope, using gravity to propel the rider to the bottom of the grade. The rider will then often return to the top of the slope with his or her tube and repeat the process. The low amount of friction between most tubes and snow allows tubers to reach considerable speeds while riding, especially on steep slopes.

Curling… can be under appreciated by those who don’t understand it. However, for those of us who regularly participate in curling, it’s easy to list reasons why we love the sport. Here are some reasons why anyone can learn to love curling. Curling can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Curling is a sport that can be enjoyed by men and women at any age. While it involves a certain level of physical fitness, one doesn’t have to be an extreme athlete to play.

Ice Fishing… Who wants to stay inside during the long winter months.  Waiting for the sun to come out and dreaming about hot summer on the open waters of Ontario lakes and rivers is no fun at all if you are stuck at home. Be adventurous, bundle up, get your gear outside and try fishing the winter way!  One BIG plus about ice fishing… there is no black flies and there is not a chance you will be bothered by the famous Ontario Provincial Bird… the  Mosquito.

Dog sledding… It must be nice to sit in a warm cocoon, in a sled and enjoy the sounds of dog-team rushing you through the spectacular landscape of our province’s back country. The speed, the sparkling snow, and quiet forest takes over and you just surrender to the calm feeling of peace.

Snowboarding… Pain and injury avoidance techniques for snowboarding are invaluable but not well known. If you know how, you can avoid the two biggest mistakes that first timers make. A positive experience your first few times out will make you more likely to stick out the hard times until you learn enough to really have fun! 

Skijoring… It is a winter dog or horse powered sport popularized in North America and derived from the Scandinavian sport of pulka. It involves a horse or from one to three dogs hitched directly to a human being on skis.  While skijoring, the person wears a wide waistband with a clip for attaching a lead, which is attached to the harness worn by the dog.