The Five Most Canadian Things to do in Ontario This Winter

Our site focuses on bringing tourists and recreationers to Ontario during the winter months. Our bustling province has hundreds of cold weather-friendly activities just waiting to be discover, and we want to appeal to visitors who don’t mind being a little touristy every once in a while. However, there are a few Ontario activities that are distinctly, embarrassingly Canadian. If you have a trip scheduled and want to get the full Canadian experience, do one (or all!) of these five things during your visit. You won’t be sorry.


Try dogsledding. The Muskokan wilderness is known for its beautiful, scenic vistas. While lots of residents like to snowshoe and cross-country ski in this area, one recreational activity reigns supreme: dogsledding. There are several touring companies available for both new and experienced sledders. This is one of the most unique but distinctly Canadian ways to explore the wilderness.

Try “Sugar Shaking.” Frozen maple taffy is about as Canadian as it gets. Matthews Maple Syrup, located in Powassan, Ontario, makes traditional maple taffy using fresh snow and locally-sourced maple syrup. This seasonal treat is only available for a limited time, so be sure to check their website before making the trip up.


See the Northern Lights. Torrance Barrens in Gravenhurst is one of the best places to observe the Northern Lights in Ontario. This dark sky reserve (it’s a thing!) is just a few hours from Toronto, and the area’s strong geomagnetic activity amplifies the already-bright lights in the sky.


Eat a BeaverTail. No, not a real one. BeaverTails are popular Canadian desserts, and nearly every bakery in Toronto will have its own variation.


Grab a double-double from the original Timmies. The original Tim Hortons is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Need we say more?