Enjoy Some Family Time on a Sleigh Ride

Here we go again, winter is here and we all search for fun activities to keep everyone occupied and happy. Have you ever thought about tried and true, old fashion ride in a horse drawn sleigh? Where would you look for one in Ontario? Most tree farms offer sleigh rides at Christmas, some through out the winter season. At the bottom of this page we included some links to make your sleighride search a bit easier.

Belgian Draft horses Sleigh-Ride at Evergreen Hill Farm in Port Dover, Ontario

Yes! Even if you plan on doing this the “romantic way”, you will need to invite someone to share the experience with. If you just want to have a blast with your family, perhaps for a reunion, birthday or even Christmas, be sure to plan ahead.  Consider the composition of your family. Will everyone enjoy the such outing?

I can assure you, there will not be too many party-poopers in your bunch. Young and old will have a blast on a sleigh.  Your 85 years old grandmother will grin from ear to ear and your 5 year old will squeal with joy!  Even the “hard-to-impress” teenagers in the family will be glad they came!

Once you have your participants agree on the date, you can proceed with the booking.  Be sure to call ahead, perhaps 4 to 2 weeks prior to the event, to make sure that your group can be accommodated.

Be sure to specify the age groups attending and any special needs that you may have: will Grandma be able to step up into the sleigh on her own, or will she require steps?  Do you need to bring your own blankets to cover up?  Little things like that will make or break the day.

Some sleigh operators will offer a little nibble by the bonfire at the end of the day.  Be sure to ask, and if that’s not the case, find out if you can bring your own food.  Just imagine sitting snugly close to your honey, sipping a hot cup of soup, that warms your hands and your soul, looking at the dancing fire. Can you make it any better?

Simple and tasty treats would include a hot chocolate in a thermos, tomato soup, sausages baked by the fire, freshly baked bread, or any other favorite comfort food.

Horse drawn rides truly are an incredible and fun experience. Children will have the opportunity to take a closer look at a horse, maybe sit up in the front with the driver.

That, they will remember forever!  So take a Sunday afternoon and head out with your family on a sleigh adventure, create those special memories, enjoy every moment.